Kenny Jonsson - Cover Boy

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This Is Our Year said...

The photo on the cover was taken on nov 21st 1995

- Jonsson played two seasons for Toronto. 94-95 and 95-96. The Blues uniform was adopted in the 95-96 season, so we know it has to be from that year.
- The blues jersey was the road version, so the game had to be played in Toronto
- Jonsson was traded to NYI March 13th 1996, so it obviously has to be before that.
- Prior to March 13th, the leafs played the Blues in Toronto twice. Nov 21 and Jan 31
- Jonsson was not in the lineup on Jan 31st
- The Blues player is either wearing #23 or #28. That year Craig Mactavish and Craig Johnson wore 23. Brian Noonan was 28.
- The blues player in the photo is wearing a helmet, you can see the piece under his ear. Pretty sure Mactavish never wore helmet. MacTavish joined St Louis at the end of that season so it can't be him.
- Both Noonan and Johnson played on Nov 21, so not sure which player