Name that Leaf

Who is the Leaf on the left (34)? Ed Olczyk in the middle and I think the goaltender is Allan Bester.


JS said...

I believe it is Ted Fauss... not exactly a household name.

. said...

The face doesn't quite look like Fauss, though the jersey number and era match up. More importantly, check out a young Kirk Muller look-a-like as goal judge. haha!

This Is Our Year said...

Olczyk and Bester played together on the Leafs from 1987-88 to 1990-91.

During that time, the following players wore 34 for Toronto

Ted Fauss in 1987-88 for 13 games
Ken Yaremchuk in 1988-89 for 11 games
Darryl Shannon in 1988-89 for 14 games
Rocky Dundas in 1989-90 for 5 games
Jeff Serowik in 1990-91 for 1 game
Rob Cimetta in 1990-91 for 25 games

That's the best I can do to narrow it down.

buddha hat said...

I believe that is Kenny Yaremchuk.

Anonymous said...

It's Darryl Shannon

Terry Milley said...

Al Iafrate, Bester for sure.