The following six pictures were sent in by fellow Leafs fan, Aaron. He tracked them down in a book called ICE MEN by Gary Ronberg. The photographs were taken by Melchior DiGiacomo. Thanks for the submission Aaron. The photos are a real treat to look at! -Harold.


RicPhlare said...
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RicPhlare said...

Famous fight-filled playoff game where Bernie Parent's mask got thrown into the crowd at Madison Square Garden. The Leaf goalie is Parent and the Ranger goalie is Eddie Giacomin. Hadfield is the Ranger throwing the left in the background. This is a couple minutes before the mask went flying into the stands. The entire fracas can be seen on you toob. It was game 2 of the quarter-finals of the '71 playoffs. Parent didn't have another mask, so Plante came in and finished. Leafs won 4-1

Anonymous said...

Even funnier, King Clancy actually went INTO the crowd to retrieve the mask.
At one point he suddenly realized where he was, what he was doing, and get the hell out of there as fast as he could!!