Twitter Requests

A couple days ago, I asked the fine folks following the Vintage Leafs Twitter Feed who they would like to see more of on the website. I tracked down some decent shots of each of the players requested and here they are:

@JPNikota wanted to see Pat Boutette.

Wilf Paiement was requested by @DeanoTPS.

Finally, @DownGoesBrown asked for Rick St. Croix and/or Tim Bernhardt.

Rick St. Croix-

Tim Berhardt-

It is really hard to track down decent photos of Bernhardt. If anyone has a lead on better photos of him, I would appreciate any assistance.

Furthermore, thanks for the requests. As always, you can click on the names of these players as they are tagged below or on the name of any player on the sidebar to view all of their photos that are posted on the Vintage Leafs website.



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